Explicit Bugout Bags. Wood Burning Stoves.
Ep. 06

Bugout Bags. Wood Burning Stoves.

Episode description

Dexter Reed, OJ Simpson, bugout bags, REAL magic you can do with a deck of cards, wood burning grills, and more on Episode 6 of The Canary in the Cage Podcast!

Resources discussed on the show:

Solitaire Cipher (https://www.schneier.com/academic/solitaire/), an extremely secure encryption algorithm using only a deck of cards. Mnemonic 2 Cards (https://home.xens.org/xmr/), a tool to convert crypto mnemonic seeds into a deck of cards and back. Rocket Stove Designs (https://homesthetics.net/rocket-stove-plans/), to build your own wood burning grill.