Explicit Secure Messaging Apps. Food Stocking.
Ep. 02

Secure Messaging Apps. Food Stocking.

Episode description

Ron & Dave wax philosophical about cannibalism and where Haitian cannibals will get the best bang for their buck after migrating, the disastrous “ban TikTok” bill which will essentially criminalize all social media if the president sez so. Ron gives some info on what kinds of food to stock up on depending on your specific circumstances, and Dave discusses secure messaging apps.

Resources discussed on the show:

Signal (https://www.signal.org/), bar none the best secure app to replace SMS texts. Matrix (https://matrix.org/), a federated chat replacement for Discord. Join ours at https://matrix.to/#/#canaryinthecage:matrix.xens.org. SimpleX (https://simplex.chat/), for the truly paranoid.